Karl Scheibe

Recent Writings

This section includes citations and downloadable PDF versions of recent invited conference presentations that have not yet been published.  Simply click on the appropriate Download PDF notation and the corresponding paper will then be downloaded and may be printed.


Scheibe, K.E. (June 2013).  The Drama of Everyday Life.  Conference on “Psychology and the Conduct of Everyday Life,” conducted at Roskilde University, Department of Psychology and Educational Studies, Copenhagen, Denmark.  Download PDF


Scheibe, K.E. (September 2012).  Some Reflections on Rejection.  Second Hour Program.  First Church of Christ, Congreational, Middletown, CT.  Download PDF


Scheibe, K.E.  (August 2012).  A Dramatic Analysis of the Psychology of Fear.  Regional Congress of the Interamerican Society of Psychology, Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Download PDF


Scheibe, K.E.  (July 2012). The Use of Metaphor in Kahneman’s Psychology.  International Congress of Psychology, Capetown, South Africa. Download PDF


Scheibe, K.E.  (June 2011).  Narratives of Addiction.  Congress of the Interamerican Society of Psychology, Medellin, Colombia.  Download PDF


Scheibe, K.E (August, 2010)The Development of Social Psychology in Brazil: A case study in the necessity of a global perspective for the growth of psychological research.  Biennial Conference of International Association of Applied Psychology. Melbourne, Australia. Download PDF


Scheibe, K.E.  (July 2010)  Assymetries in the Psychology of Confidence.  Regional Conference of the Interamerican Society of Psychology, Asuncion, Paraguay.  Download PDF


Scheibe, K.E. On the Psychological Absurdity of a War on Terror.  Biennial Congress of the Interamerican Soceity of Psychology, Guatemala City, Guatemala, July, 2009. Download PDF


Scheibe, K.E. (July 2002)  The person as actor, the actor as person.  Symposium on “The  mismeasure of personality.  11th Conference of the European Association of Personality Psychology, Jena, Germany. Download PDF